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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of commonly asked questions and answers for your kind perusal.

If your question is not on the list, kindly contact us at +603-5519 0564 or


F370 Gutter


1) Will half round shaped gutter overflow easier if compared to rectangular gutter?

No, it won't overflow easier compared to rectangular gutter because a round base gutter will have better water discharge during heavy rain.


2) Is this gutter suitable for all types of building?

Yes, all types of building. As long as there’s enough number of discharge outlet.

(Depends on the number of outlet, not gutter size)


3) Will debris get stuck in between internal bracket & gutter?

It is better to prevent debris/remnants between the internal brackets and gutter than letting it enter and clog up the rainwater downpipe.


4) If too many leaves/debris are blocked by the debris trap, will it block the outlet?

It is better to prevent debris at the debris trap rather than it entering and clogging up the rainwater downpipe.


5) Do you have technical drawings? Detail drawings?

Yes, Please contact our technical sales team for more information.


6) How many years warranty?

We provide 7 years warranty.


7) Price comparison of AM uPVC gutter vs GI?

Please email/ fax in your enquiry, our marketing team will handle your enquiry.


8) Is uPVC gutter better than GI?

Arensi-Marley's uPVC Gutter

1.   Resists corrosion and will not be affected by chemical such as acid, alkaline or corrosive gas. It is the best choice of gutter system along coastal areas with 'salty' air.


2.   Resists formation of sludge. Therefore it is neater and cleaner. Its smooth surface will enhance the flow rate of rainwater.


3.   Fewer joints. Standard length of gutter is 5.8 meter; i.e. about 2.5 times lesser joints than G.I. gutter.

4.   Jointing method with solvent cement. Easy and permanent. Jointing surfaces become bonded. Solvent joints are proven to be very durable and reliable over long periods of time. Please refer to our SOP of solvent cement.

5.   All parts are machine produced. Product quality is always controlled and consistent. Modular system makes installation and handling of gutter simple and easy.

6.   SIRIM Certified. Arensi-Marley's uPVC Gutter System is manufactured with compliance to BS EN607 : 2004.

7.   7 years product warranty against material defects, cracks, peel and chip.

8.   Can be painted. Ease of painting with solvent-based acrylic paint.

9.   Low maintenance expenses. It is durable, water tight and long-lasting.

G.I. Gutter

1.    Reacts adversely with chemicals and coastal air.

2.   Muddy and slushy sediment or sludge tends to accumulate along the gutter, which will cause blockage.

3.   Joints at every 8 feet (2.5 meter) interval. Special care needed to prevent leaks at joints.

4.   Jointing method with rivet or screw to hold metal sheets together. Bitumen needed to seal gaps in between jointing sheets. Unskilled work may cause ponding along gutter run and eventually rust and cause leaking problems.

5.   Skilled workers needed for proper installation.

6.   No certification on product.

7.   Mostly geographically supplied. No warranty provided. Prone to rust or leak.

8.   Proper treatment and primer needed prior to painting.

9.   High maintenance expenses. Extra care needed for all joints that are prone to rust, ponding and leakage.

9) Is this gutter available in other colours? Can it be painted?

We have standard white, brown & grey. AM uPVC gutter range can be painted with solvent-base paint to complement your roof outline. Painting work is recommended upon completion. Prime or undercoat is not needed.


10) Why F370?

· Fast flow channeling - a round base gutter for better water discharging during heavy rain.

· Better performance - perfect solvent welded for all joining point. Non-leakage.

· Spouthead rubber ring for thermal movements along gutter run. Leak proof.

· Rear outlet - side discharging outlet for hidden down pipe.


11) Which bracket is most suitable when fascia board is not very straight?

Adjustable Bracket – can solve leveling problem and easy installation.

Internal Bracket – aesthetic and clean look.

External Bracket – for normal usage.


12) How much weight can be supported?

The gutter's purpose is to drain out the water, not to contain the water.


13) Why warp or disjointing?

· The main problem that cause warping is the fascia board quality; gutter brackets must be positioned at every 600mm along gutter run to fully support the systems.

· Disjointing have depend on the installation technique and suggest spouthead injection for thermal movement allowed for every 8m gutter run.


14) Where can I get your product?

Seek your usual supplier (TM/Hardware) to order on behalf.


15) Does uPVC gutter brittle?

No problem under the sun.


F525 Gutter


1) Bigger design; suitable for bungalow project?

Yes, all types of building. As long as there’s enough number of discharge outlet.

(Depends on the number of outlet, not gutter size)


2) Outlet size available?

Yes, all types of building. As long as there’s enough number of discharge outlet.

(Depends on the number of outlet as well)


3) Can it cater for big/ high rise building

Yes, all types of building. As long as there’s enough number of discharge outlet.

(Depends on the number of outlet, not gutter size)

Rainwater Downpipes


1) High rise building suitable to use? How to prevent rainwater flow too fast from roof to floor for high rise building through outlet if use RDP? RDP capacity same as CDP?

You can used bent on every 5-storey to slow down the flow rate.


2) Is it suitable for factories with big roof area?

Yes, as long as there’s enough number of discharge outlet.

(Depends on the number of outlet, not gutter size)


3) What sizes are available?

Depends on preferred sizes; kindly refer to product details.

Rainwater Downpipes
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