Roof Drainage Pipes

Rectangular Roof Drainage Pipe

Roof Drainage Pipe cover 2019.jpg
Roof Drainage Pipe Inner 2019.jpg

  • Receptacle concept.

         Eliminates drip lines along the pipes.


  • Practical and hassle-free.

         Easily blends the downpipes to corners and walls.

Available sizes:

  • RDP100 (100mm x 50mm)

  • RDP120 (120mm x 80mm)

  • RDP150 (150mm x 75mm)

Circular Downpipe


  • Suits the requirements for both exposed and cast-in use.


  • Receptacle concept fittings.

Available sizes:

  • CDP36   (36mm)

  • CDP43   (43mm)

  • CDP56   (56mm)

  • CDP82   (82mm)

  • CDP110 (110mm)

  • CDP160 (160mm)

  • CDP200 (200mm)

  • CDP250 (250mm)

  • CDP315 (315mm)

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