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F370 Sphera® Gutter

F370 Sphera Gutter

  • Fast flow channeling of rainwater.

         Round-based gutter provides better water discharging during heavy downpours.


  • Firm and reliable.

         Perfect solvent welded on all joints for optimal performance.


  • Leak-proof.

         Spouthead rubber ring aids in thermal movements along gutter run.

F370 CURV® Gutter

F370 Curv Gutter
F370 Curv 2017 front op.jpg
F370 Curv 2017 inner op.jpg

F525 XPERT® Gutter

F525 Xpert Gutter
F525 Pg 1
F525 Pg 2

  • Meets requirement for bigger roof catchment area.

          30% bigger with 530mm overall girth.


  • Greater effectiveness.

          Effective cross-sectional area of 22,000mm2.


  • Maximum durability, dimensional stability, leak resistance.

          Unique gutter design ensures long-lasting sturdiness and reliability.

F300® Gutter

F300 Gutter

  • Complements and accentuates any building design.

         Box-shaped gutter suits both domestic and commercial buildings, giving a neat finish.


  • Wide cross-sectional area.

         Suitable for heavy rainfall.


  • Smooth and flat surface.

         Minimizes dust and dirt.

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